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  • विठ्ठलराव शिंदे सहकारी साखर कारखाना लि., गंगामाई नगर, पिंपळनेर, ता.माढा, जि.सोलापूर.

  • वैद्यनाथ सहकारी साखर कारखाना लि., पांगरी, ता.परळी वैजनाथ, जि. बीड.

  • पुर्णा सहकारी साखर कारखाना लि., वसमतनगर, जि. हिंगोली.

  • बाराशिव सहकारी साखर कारखाना लि., जवळा बाझार, ता.औंढा नागनाथ, जि.हिंगोली.

  • सह्याद्री सहकारी साखर कारखाना लि., यशवंतनगर, ता.कराड, जि.सातारा.

  • वाय.एम.कृष्णा सहकारी साखर कारखाना लि., रेठरे बुद्रुक, ता.कराड, जि.सातारा.

  • जयवंत शुगर्स लि., धावरवाडी, ता.कराड, जि.सातारा.

  • श्री कुर्मुदास सहकारी साखर कारखाना लि., पडसाळी, ता.माढा, जि.सोलापूर.

  • सहकार शिरोमणी वसंतराव काळे सहकारी साखर कारखाना लि., भाळवणी, ता.पंढरपूर, जि.सोलापूर.

  • सिताराम महाराज सहकारी साखर कारखाना लि., खर्डी, ता.पंढरपूर, जि.सोलापूर.

  • किसनविर सहकारी साखर कारखाना लि., भुईंज, जि.सातारा.

  • स्वराज इंडीया ॲग्रो लि., उपाळवे, ता.फलटण, जि. सातारा.

  • स्नेहा शुगर (जरंडेश्वर स.सा.का.लि.)कोरेगाव, जि.सातारा.

  • समृध्दी शुगर्स लि., देवी-देवगांव, ता.घनसांगवी, जि.जालना.

  • त्रिधरा साखर कारखाना,अमडापूर, ता.जि.परभणी.

  • शेतकरी साखर कारखाना लि., चांदापूरी, ता.माळशिरस, जि.सोलापूर.

  • कुमुदा शुगर ॲग्रो प्रोडक्ट लि., (रयत सह. साखर कारखाना लि. )ता.कराड, जि.सातारा.

  • छत्रपती अॅग्रो फुड मॅन्युफॅक्चरिंग कंपनी लि., तारापूर, ता.पंढरपूर, जि.सोलापूर.

  • छत्रपती सहकारी साखर कारखाना लि., सोनाजीनगर सावरगांव, ता.माजलगाव, जि.बीड.

Our Solutionso-Hdr">Our Solutions

  • Android based mobile application for Cane Plantation Form of Grower's Farm with GPS & Picture

  • Charachavani Project

  • Last year best support partner

    Category: Commercial/Desktop/Server support for Metro

  • Last year sucessfully implemented sugar ERP S/W in more than 4 sugar factories
  • Developed unconditional SMS Software.
  • Turn key project implemented in sugar factories for their network and security cameras and video surveillance system
  • Gps Solution For Transport Company
  • RFID Solutions to jwellery Shops,High Value Stores etc
  • Employee Tracking and Reporting System

What you get from us

Projects 2016

  • Support Technologies Pune
  • Support Technologies Pune
  • Support Technologies Pune

We have this year

This year we are targeting conversion of all sugar ERP software into web base sugar ERP. Our idea is to make ERP Software more and more user friendly, so as it can be handled or used by a operator with unconditional  educational background. Best on the demands of sugar industry convert their requirements in modules.

Future Plans

"Support Technologies" is an integrated and dedicated I.T. company,efficiently involved in various I.T. activities. We have been witnessing every innovation and development in the industry for quite sufficient period. We have participated in this amazing field by playing various roles in Development Of ERP Software, Hardware, Maintenance, System Integration, Networking, Consultancy and Facilities Management.

Considering our track record and our experience, we are confident of assuring a total solution under one roof and thereby minimizing the total cost of ownership.

Support Technologies